Who We ARE

We are a group of professionals who enjoy creating Information Technology solutions. We have developed solutions in the form of software, network redesigning, server implementations, network operations design, embedded hardware designs, consultation and just about anything else that anyone has asked of us on the field of IT.

We believe every task and system can be simplified by applying Information Technology tools. We have helped people across various domains like education, waste processing, process automation, enterprise resource planning, manufacturing, media groups, religious organizations etc process their data faster, more efficiently and build effective decision making systems.

As a part of our Digital Classroom initiative, we have developed a Smart Interactive Board and Software under the brand name SaGa.

Things We Do

Though we have experience in a lot of fields, the following are a few that we feel will give you an idea of what we are capable of.

Software Design and Coding, Embedded Systems, Coding Large Scale Network management, Media Streaming and delivery, Mobile App development, Support for Linux Systems Dell and Sonicwall Security

Software Design and Coding

Embedded Systems Coding


Media Streaming and Delivery

Mobile Application Development


Digital Classroom Solutions